Is There a Better way to get People to Change Other Than Nagging?

The best way to teach someone is to be the behavior your are wanting to see. This must be done in a very genuine and meaningful way, not in such a way that you are result orientated. 

When you see another in a way that is negative you are then negative yourself. Allow the person to move through their life and you move through your life the way you do.

If you are in relationship with a person and their behavior is causing you to constantly be out of balance or in judgement of them, you are left with two choices. Move away from the situation or stop noticing it. Instead focus you energy on something you love about the person and look away from the things you don’t like.

Does Nagging Work?

Does Nagging Work?

Everything we do in life is about us. The feelings you have about another are affecting only you, not them. Once you gain this perspective you will realize how karma works and how others are not your excuse for you negative thinking.

I sam not telling you to keep a friend who irritates you or stay in a relationship that you are not happy with things, I am telling you it is a choice to move or to accept. Those are the only two choices you have that will not have a negative impact on you.

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