Benefits of Copper Water Vessels

Benefits of Drinking Water From Copper Vessels


We are at a place in history where we are really starting to take a look at ancient remedies. It has taken us some time to realize that our ancestors knew a lot more than we gave them credit for. With all the advancements in science and our understandings of health we have ignored some very valuable practices that are now coming back.

What did our ancestors know about copper containers? 


It wasn't uncommon to store your water daily in a copper container.


Our ancestors used copper vessels to purify their water.

Many East Indians used copper to store water for centuries. Copper occurs naturally in the earth’s layer and water bodies. Copper is a trace mineral that is very essential for survival. It helps with formation of collagen and the absorption of iron which helps produce energy. Since copper can’t be produced in the body adding it is the only way we can benefit from it. There are many stories out there about copper being poisons and they just aren’t true.  

How Much of a Good Thing is too Much?

Drinking your copper water in the morning and evening is the best. As a precaution it is good to take a break. Drink copper water for several months and then take a month break. In most cases the body will easily dispel any excess during this time. If there is any build up of copper in the system it was likely traced back to a home that had copper piping and acidic water. Filling your copper bottle with highly acidic low PH water could also dissolve too much copper into the water. Read my post on, “What is Bottled Water Doing to my Health?” for more information on acidic water. 

Why Were Copper Containers Used?


Water stored for over 8 hours in a copper vessel produces what is called The Oligodynamic affect. This affect would cleanse the water and ionize it with nutrients. Recently the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has registered copper as the only solid surface material that can kill bacteria. Many hospitals are equipping their patient rooms and operating rooms with copper alloy surfaces, replacing door knobs, bed rails and tray tables.

Ayurveda Medicine has Something to say About Copper too!


Ayurveda states that copper balances our three doshas in our body, Vata, Pita and Kapha. This happens because of the copper that has a positive charge in the water. Deposits of copper in the water is thought to be healthy and in Sanskrit it is called Tamra Jal. Check out for more information on balancing doshas with copper water.

Good Practices

Fill up your copper water bottle and make sure it has a lid and set it at your bed side for the night. In 6-8 hours just the perfect amount of copper will be deposited in your water. Drinking the water right away upon waking is very affective at stimulating your morning bowl movement.

What Positive Affects Does Drinking From Copper Have? 


Benefits of copper water!

Copper is not only an anti-oxidant it is aids in the production of collagen and melanin replenishing our outer layers of our skin keeping us younger looking. It also aids in digestion by stimulating contraction and relaxation of the stomach muscles. Copper’s natural bacteria killing quality also reduces stomach infections by killing off harmful bacteria in the gut. Another interesting fact is that copper helps absorption of iron in the body. This helps us to maintain the levels of iron in our blood and regulates blood flow. Copper is especially helpful for people with anemia helping keep it at bay.  Copper speeds our metabolism boosting our fat burning potential which makes it affective for weight loss. 

Here is a List of Benefits of Copper Water

Kills Bacteria

Aids Digestion

Anti-Aging Builds Collagen and Melanin 

Good for Your Heart

Regulates Thyroid 

Stimulates the Brain


Fights Free Radicals

Aids in Weight Loss

Speeds Metabolism

Increases our Iron Levels

Where do I Find a Nice Copper Container?


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There are many beautiful copper containers you can buy on Amazon just be sure they are 100% copper. For your convenience visit my product page for beautiful copper containers.  Don’t worry if they darken or dis-color on the inside it has no affect on the health benefits. To clean up your copper containers use lemon juice. I myself got this beautiful hand painted copper water container on Amazon, not only does it make the water good inside but it makes me feel good on the outside too :).