Sound Wave Therapy for Pain, Injuries and Erectile Dysfunction

Sound Wave Therapy for Pain, Injuries and Erectile Dysfunction

Cutting Edge Therapy for Sports Injuries and Erectile Dysfunction.

Cutting Edge Therapy for Sports Injuries and Erectile Dysfunction.

Sound Wave Therapy is a new cutting edge treatment for pain and injuries. The power of Sound Wave Therapy is tremendous, let me give you an example.

My husband was a water well driller. Occasionally he would come up against some solid bedrock or huge boulders that he would need to drill through. He would use special bits to drill through the rock or in the case of a boulder he would dynamite a hole through the rock to continue drilling. Another alternative for him would have been to use sound waves to drill through the rock. That’s right sound waves are so powerful they can drill right though solid rock. Now we didn’t have a sound wave drilling rig but I wanted to give you the idea of just how powerful sound waves are and the different things they are used for. Dentists are also using sound wave technology for drilling their patients teeth. 


Sound Wave Therapy 

Relieve pain quickly with this new technology!

I pulled my hamstring for the umpteenth time and I had heard about Sound Wave Therapy so I decided to give it a try. There are machines you can purchase online for at home use and although I haven’t tried them I know they are not nearly as powerful as the ones that pain clinics have, (I plan to try one so I will let you know how they work when I do).


Different tips are used for intensity of treatment.

Smaller ones are more intense while the larger ones spread out the waves more. 

My First Experience With Sound Wave Therapy


The doctor explained to me that they had different size nozzles they would use depending on the areas they treated. The smaller nozzles are much more direct and intense while the larger ones are more spread out and not as deep in penetration. When they get near the bone they use a nozzle that isn’t as direct because it can get painful near the bone so they just lighten it up in those areas. I was having my pulled hamstring treated a few days after injury. The machine makes a loud rapping sound as it pulsates the sound through the muscle. The doctor traveled up and down my hamstring using me as a guide to tell them when they hit areas that were in the zone that was tender. Then other areas were treated such as the QL Muscle and my Gluteus Muscles knocking out any tight areas or knots that may have developed from the pull. I would describe the process of feeling like I was being tenderized. The power of the sound waves was unbelievable. It pulsates deep through the muscle causing some bruising which increases blood flow. Sound Wave therapy also breaks up scar tissue and loosens up the whole injured area. The treatment takes about 15-20 minutes and the cost is about $300.00 for 3-4 sessions. I had great relief after the first session and I would wait a day or two in between before repeating it. After the second session I was able to go back to playing tennis. Normally when I would pull my hamstring I’d be out for weeks and then even after that I’d need to wear a support and be really careful for months, (I highly recommend a Body Helix Support if you do ever pull your hamstring they are the best money can buy for this type of injury).

Sound Wave Therapy can be Used for Numerous Conditions Even Erectile Dysfunction 


There may be a new choice before too long.

Sound Wave Therapy Being Used to Increase Blood Flow

Sound wave is the only other treatment in the past 15 years besides Viagra, Cialis and Levitra for Erectile Dysfunction.

These little pills can help men be able to have sex by increasing blood flow to the penis. Unfortunately there are many side affects caused by these drugs, congestion, headaches, heartburn, dizziness and sudden hearing loss. A new alternative called Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Therapy or (ESWT) could provide a long term solution according to several studies by the European Society for Sexual Medicine in Madrid, Spain.


One Study by ESWT was conducted on 112 men with Erectile Dysfunction. Half of them received 5 weekly does of intensity high frequency sound wave treatments on their penis in 6 different locations. The other half received a placebo. (Scandinavian Journal of Urology, (

The treatment seems to increase blood flow by increasing the number of blood vessels in the penis says Ilan Gruenwald of the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, Israel and if this is true this could be a long term fix.

Another study done by ESWT found that men who did not respond well to traditional drugs with Erectile Dysfunction did respond well to this treatment. The treatment is completely harmless because the sound waves used are of such a low energy as stated by Delphine Behr Rousell of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University in France who is studying the affects of ESWT on rats. 


Choose the healthiest options available to you.

ESWT is offered in some clinics around the world, Trinity Bivalacqua at Johns Hopkins University and Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland says he would not offer it yet until treatments are standardized. However he is hopeful for this new therapy and hopes to see it used in the very near future.  






Dry Needle Therapy for Back Pain and Other Injuries

Dry Needle Therapy for Back Pain and Other Injuries

A Successful Treatment for Back Pain and Other Injuries.

A Successful Treatment for Back Pain and Other Injuries.

Dry needle therapy was first developed in the 1940’s by Dr. Janet Travell. She and Dr. David Simon worked together to identify the muscular trigger points throughout the body. Small monofilament needles were used to penetrate the trigger point and reactivate knotted muscles and release tightened shortened muscles. This treatment affects immune, biomechanics, inflammatory, vascular and neurological systems. 

Number one Treatment for Injured Athletes!

Number one Treatment for Injured Athletes!

American Physical Therapy Association state that Dry Needle Therapy is a skilled intervention to stimulate underlying myofascial trigger points, muscular and connective tissues. Dry needling is a technique to treat disfunction in skeletal muscle, fascia, connective tissue and reduce and restore body function leading to the return to activity.


Treat Pain Quickly!

Get back to your activities and be pain free.

Dry needling goes under several names that clinicians use: TDN (Trigger Point Dry Needing), IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation), IMT (Instramuscular Manual Therapy), FDN (Functional Dry Needling) and a few others.


Find a Therapist and try Dry Needle Therapy.

To seek out a dry needle therapist you can look among, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, Osteopaths and Medical Doctors.

Things That Dry Needling Can Help

  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Hamstring Pulls
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Plantar Fasciitis  
  • Quadradius Injury
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Headaches
  • Chronic Pain
  • Fibromyalgia

Dry Needle Therapy is fast becoming one of the most popular modalities in medical practices. Musculoskeletal complaints are the most reported conditions that people seek medical attention for.  

The most common Musculoskeletal complaints are trauma, back pain and arthritis. Dry needle therapy can return your range of motion and relieve all or a lot of your pain. The therapist can actually feel the difference in the tissues as he slides the needle through the muscle and fascia. Chronic tight tissue feels very gooey somewhat like silly putty. Therapists say it is easy to tell when you are in an area of muscle amnesia that needs to be woken up and stimulated. When muscles are knotted for a long time after an injury or constant tension at some point the brain leaves the area knotted and moves on to more demanding tasks at hand. By stimulating the area they are in a sense turning it back on and reconnecting the brain to it. 

Dry Needling can Help you Return to Feeling Pain Free Again.

Dry Needling can Help you Return to Feeling Pain Free Again.

When Dry Needling is introduced to the body local reactions will occur at the point of insertion. The body then release cytokines, substance P and CGRP (Calcitonin Gene Related Peptide). The result is vasodilation, increased blood flow vessel formation and increased tissue repair. The body will react in such a way that a Enkephalin release, (pain killing affects which are released by neurons), will occur in a local pain response.

Dry Needling boasts of the incredible gains in range of motion that patients experience. Well I am here to tell you how true that is. My first experience with dry needle therapy was incredible. As I said it does smart a little but the results are really unbelievable. I had not been out of pain in so long that I couldn’t believe how it felt to be virtually pain free and have a range of motion that I had in my younger years.  

Dry Needling Gives you Back Your Range of Motion you had When you Were Younger.

Dry Needling Gives you Back Your Range of Motion you had When you Were Younger.

The thing with dry needle therapy is that it isn’t a permanent fix but it does last a good 4 months, it did for me anyway. As I am writing this I am wondering why I didn’t go back for another treatment. I guess I was looking for something that was a cure. Maybe it could be if I didn’t continue to pound my body at the gym and on the tennis court. Both of these things I am guilty of and I have no intention of stopping what I love any time soon. If you are really active in sports and suffer from chronic pain and tightness I highly recommend you seek out a good Dry Needle Therapist. It works!


Don't Give up.

Dry Needling is Really Worth Doing.






Chronic Back Pain Caused by T/L Syndrome

Chronic Back Pain and TL Syndrome

T/L Syndrome (Where upper spine meets lower spine)

T/L Syndrome (Where upper spine meets lower spine)

I have suffered with back pain most of my life. It is the reason I started this blog. I wanted to share with you all the things I have tried and that have helped me get through it. If you are in pain I hope you try different options and that you find one that relieves your pain or makes if more bearable.  

Over the years my back pain has changed and moved around. Lately I have been dealing with back spasms in the mid back and a constant pulling sensation in my right sacral joint. It is especially tight and painful during the night and in the morning when I get up. I stumbled upon something called Thoracic Lumbar or (T/L )Syndrome. I had mine adjusted and it really relieved my pain.

Most people think that when they have low back pain that it is caused by something in the low back.  This is not always the case and (T/L) Syndrome is often the great mimicker.  The upper back can be responsible for a lot of lower back pain. Pain in the hips, buttocks and sacral joints can actually be caused by (T/L) Syndrome. To understand this a little better it is good to know a few things about our backs. 

Our spines support our back and are what keep us upright. The human spine is made up of 33 bones and 7 vertebrae in the neck, 12 in the thoracic region (upper back), 5 in the lumbar (lower back), 5 fused into the sacral bone and 4 in the coccygeal (tailbone area) called vertebrae. There are 5 classifications based on their function and shape. The neck is made up of cervical vertebrae that support the skull, the thoracic vertebrae take care of our upper back and ribs, the lumbar vertebrae take care of our lower back and the sacrum joins the hips and tailbone. T/L Syndrome occurs where upper back meets lower back (just under the rib cage). This is a very vulnerable area.  Thoracic spine is for side to side rotation and lumbar spine is for forward and backward. There are joints between the vertebrae called facets, upper facets are like thoracic vertebrae and lower facets are like lumbar vertebrae. So at this junction the spine is particularly vulnerable to stress.

Pain can be caused by friction and swelling which is pressing on the nerves. T/L Syndrome is not caused by a disk problem. Irritation and swelling at the facets from stress at this junction are the cause of pain. There are so many nerves passing through this area that it can often be mistaken for something else. One nerve goes to the lower back and then to the upper buttocks, another wraps around the body to the hips, the other half goes down the the lower abdomen and pubic area and finally to the upper hip and leg area.  

So if you go into the doctor with a lot of lower body complaints when really the pain is coming from something much higher up it is likely that T/L Syndrome could be missed.  

To treat T\L Syndrome it is important to get the joint functioning properly. A Chiropractic adjustment of T12/L1 will bring complete relief. Only a well trained Chiropractic Physician can tell you if you have T/L Syndrome. The good news is thousands of people who have had years of chronic pain have been helped by this simple adjustment that is so often overlooked.  

Visit this utube to see how it’s done. 

If you area suffering from chronic back pain don’t give up and keep trying different non-invasive ways until you find something that works.