The Many Benefits of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Health Benefits


Health Benefits

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide has Many Health Benefits.

Food grade hydrogen peroxide has some amazing health benefits.  First of all, make sure you only use food grade hydrogen peroxide internally. The regular peroxide you buy in the drugstore for topical use or is in toothpaste is quite different than food grade and should not be consumed internally. Let’s take a look at how hydrogen peroxide can benefit you.



Cancer Treatment


Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide may Help Kill Cancer Cells.

Food grade hydrogen peroxide may kill cancer cells, says R. Webster Kehr, a researcher for the Independent Cancer Foundation. Cancer cells are known to spread when there is little oxygen available. Studies have shown that an increase in oxygen slows the spread of cancer cells and sufficient oxygen will actually kill cancer cells. When you ingest food grade hydrogen peroxide you are oxygenating the body. Please always speak to your oncologist before you try any alternative treatment. 



Natural Inseceticide

So much better than chemical alternatives.

You can use hydrogen peroxide to make a very safe and inexpensive insecticide. Place 8 ounces of food grade hydrogen peroxide diluted to 3 percent in a gallon watering can, and add 8 ounces of white sugar to it.



Talk to Your Doctor

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide can Help

Mix 1 ounce of 35% concentrated hydrogen peroxide with 1 gallon of unchlorinated water in a vaporizer to improve breathing during the night. Hydrogen peroxide may also be administered intravenously. It can actually break up mucus and infection in the lungs. Speak to your doctor about hydrogen peroxide to treat your emphysema.