Chronic Back Pain Caused by T/L Syndrome

Chronic Back Pain and TL Syndrome

T/L Syndrome (Where upper spine meets lower spine)

T/L Syndrome (Where upper spine meets lower spine)

I have suffered with back pain most of my life. It is the reason I started this blog. I wanted to share with you all the things I have tried and that have helped me get through it. If you are in pain I hope you try different options and that you find one that relieves your pain or makes if more bearable.  

Over the years my back pain has changed and moved around. Lately I have been dealing with back spasms in the mid back and a constant pulling sensation in my right sacral joint. It is especially tight and painful during the night and in the morning when I get up. I stumbled upon something called Thoracic Lumbar or (T/L )Syndrome. I had mine adjusted and it really relieved my pain.

Most people think that when they have low back pain that it is caused by something in the low back.  This is not always the case and (T/L) Syndrome is often the great mimicker.  The upper back can be responsible for a lot of lower back pain. Pain in the hips, buttocks and sacral joints can actually be caused by (T/L) Syndrome. To understand this a little better it is good to know a few things about our backs. 

Our spines support our back and are what keep us upright. The human spine is made up of 33 bones and 7 vertebrae in the neck, 12 in the thoracic region (upper back), 5 in the lumbar (lower back), 5 fused into the sacral bone and 4 in the coccygeal (tailbone area) called vertebrae. There are 5 classifications based on their function and shape. The neck is made up of cervical vertebrae that support the skull, the thoracic vertebrae take care of our upper back and ribs, the lumbar vertebrae take care of our lower back and the sacrum joins the hips and tailbone. T/L Syndrome occurs where upper back meets lower back (just under the rib cage). This is a very vulnerable area.  Thoracic spine is for side to side rotation and lumbar spine is for forward and backward. There are joints between the vertebrae called facets, upper facets are like thoracic vertebrae and lower facets are like lumbar vertebrae. So at this junction the spine is particularly vulnerable to stress.

Pain can be caused by friction and swelling which is pressing on the nerves. T/L Syndrome is not caused by a disk problem. Irritation and swelling at the facets from stress at this junction are the cause of pain. There are so many nerves passing through this area that it can often be mistaken for something else. One nerve goes to the lower back and then to the upper buttocks, another wraps around the body to the hips, the other half goes down the the lower abdomen and pubic area and finally to the upper hip and leg area.  

So if you go into the doctor with a lot of lower body complaints when really the pain is coming from something much higher up it is likely that T/L Syndrome could be missed.  

To treat T\L Syndrome it is important to get the joint functioning properly. A Chiropractic adjustment of T12/L1 will bring complete relief. Only a well trained Chiropractic Physician can tell you if you have T/L Syndrome. The good news is thousands of people who have had years of chronic pain have been helped by this simple adjustment that is so often overlooked.  

Visit this utube to see how it’s done. 

If you area suffering from chronic back pain don’t give up and keep trying different non-invasive ways until you find something that works.