Sinus Infections, Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Sinus Infections, Causes, Treatment and Prevention

I Broke the Cycle by Using a Good Quality Probiotic.

I Broke the Cycle by Using a Good Quality Probiotic.


Nothing is More Miserable Then a Sinus Infection.

Don't suffer needlessly there's an easy way to remedy this.

Sinus Infections can be very tricky to get over and to prevent them from coming back. I went through a bad time with sinus infections a few years back but I haven’t had another one since I solved the riddle.

Possible Causes of Sinus Infections

  •    Seasonal Allergies
  •    Food Allergies
  •    Stress
  •    Cold or Flu
  •    Dehydration
  •    Antibiotics

Even though there are many triggers to sinus infections the underlying cause is usually an upset in the bacteria balance within your body.


Several years ago I was plagued with sinus infections. Not knowing what to do I went to the regular doctor and he prescribed antibiotics to treat the infection. I did get better but only for a few weeks and once the antibiotics were gone the infection returned. Frustrated I decided to make an appointment to see a specialist. He put me on another round of antibiotics and gave me a steroid spray. Again I got better but it didn’t last and the infection returned. After several more visits to the specialist I decided I had had enough of antibiotics. I started to do research into sinus infections and try to uncover the reason mine kept reoccurring. Then a funny thing happened I got a series of signs that pointed me in the right direction.


Antibiotics are not Always Needed.

Most times sinus infections reoccur after antibiotic treatment.

One day I was at my hairdresser's and I heard a lady next to me talking about how she had suffered from  chronic sinus infections for years until she discovered this one thing that stopped them from coming back. That one thing was a high quality probiotic. I remember when I heard this thinking that it sounded silly and I just disregarded it. Then about a week or two later I went to my mailbox and inside my box was a folded large paper advertisement with 2-inch letters across the top that said, “TAKE PROBIOTICS TO END SINUS INFECTIONS FOREVER.” I had disregarded the woman I heard in the hairdressers but this time the sign was so loud and clear I felt I needed to give it a try. 


I went online and researched probiotics. I found out that the good ones didn’t come cheap so expect to pay about $35-$50 for a bottle that will last a month or so, (I used Pure Encapsulations and I got it on Amazon.) I also learned that probiotics are delicate and they must be kept cool. The good ones will arrive in a protective covering and dark colored glass to prevent sunlight from damaging them. They need to be refrigerated as well. 

What happened next was nothing short of a miracle. After going through at least 4 rounds of antibiotics I finally got myself a bottle of probiotics. Within a few days my sinuses opened and cleared up and the infection never returned. Now if I become a bit dehydrated or I have allergies I immediately begin taking my probiotics for a few days until symptoms subside.



Don't be so quick to jump on antibiotics. Try these alternatives first.

I know the things we have all been told about sinus infections but I am questioning many of them now. There are many things that may upset the bacteria in your system. One of the major things is overuse of antibiotics. Other things include allergies, dehydration, and stress. Food allergies create large amounts of mucus which can clog up our sinuses. Stress is a major factor in sinus infections and can disrupt the balance of our bodies. Finally, water is a key factor in keeping our sinuses clearer. Anyone who has become dehydrated would understand this concept. Dehydration causes ear plugging and dizziness. As we get older our thirst mechanism does not work like it once did and allows us to operate way below the ideal levels of hydration. 


Water Plays a key Role in our Sinus Health.

Drink plenty of water especially if you are having sinus issues. 

By being mindful of what I am going through and how my body is feeling I have been able to totally relieve myself of any sinus issues. By keeping my water intake high, avoiding foods that cause a reaction in me and limiting my stress level sinus infections have become a thing of the past. 


There may be situations where you have gone way beyond the point of being able to get rid of the infection on your own but that will only happen if you ignore the symptoms as they are occurring early on. If you notice your ears fill plugged and you increase your water intake and add the probiotic you may find that symptoms disappear. The same goes for if you are under a lot of stress and again you feel your ears are plugged, add water and take your probiotic. During times of seasonal or exposure to food allergies drink more water and take your probiotic. Even if you do catch a cold or flu take your probiotic and drink more water. Yes, these things can bring on a sinus infection but it is the imbalance of gut flora that is thrown off by them that causes them. What have you got to lose? I am so happy I finally tried this and am free of sinus infections once and for all.